Pastes all the animation from the clipboard (see CopyAllAnimation2) under the specified object.

Scripting Syntax

PasteAllAnimation( InputObjs, [UsePosition] );


Parameter Type Description
InputObjs Object name or Psets (anything selectable) The objects (or psets) under which we want to paste the animations
UsePosition Boolean If TRUE, the paste will try to copy the animation sources in the order of the target's animatable parameter.

Default Value: 0


VBScript Example

' Animate a path-constrained null. Then, copy and paste this 
' animation onto another (unanimated) path-constrained null.
dim oCircle1,oCircle2,oColl
dim oNull1,oNull2
' Create two ellipses and put them side by side.
set oCircle1 = CreatePrim("Circle", "NurbsCurve")
Rotate oCircle1, 90, 0, 0, siRelative, siAdd, siObj, siXYZ
Scale oCircle1, 1, 0.25, 1, siRelative, siLocal, siObj, siXYZ
'Make a duplicate copy of the circle.
set oColl = Duplicate(oCircle1, 1 , _
                                 siDuplicateHistory, _
                                 siSharedParent, _
                                 siShareGrouping, _
                                 siDuplicateProperties, _
                                 siDuplicateAnimation, _
                                 siShareConstraints, _ 
                                 siSetSelection, _
'Get the duplicated circle
set oCircle2 = oColl(0)
'Separate the circles
Translate oCircle1 , 0, 0, -2, siAbsolute, siView, siObj, siXYZ
Translate oCircle2 , 0, 0, 2, siAbsolute, siView, siObj, siXYZ
' ApplyPath will path-constrain the null to the circle and animate it
' to travel the entire length of the curve. Copy this animation.
set oNull1 = GetPrim("Null")
ApplyPath oNull1, oCircle1, 1, 100, 2, False, False
CopyAllAnimation2 oNull1, siAnySource, siAllParam, False
' Create a second null, apply a path constraint 
' (no animation), then paste the animation from oNull1
set oNull2 = GetPrim("Null")
ApplyCns "Path", oNull2, oCircle2
PasteAllAnimation oNull2
' show the constraint relation in top view of viewport A
SetValue "Views.ViewA.TopCamera.camvis.*constraint*", True
' Play animation to show that it has been copied

See Also

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