Generates a subdivided mesh from an input mesh and positions its center at the same center as the one of its input mesh.

The subdivided mesh is a smoothed version of the input mesh.

The input parameters are the same as the ones for ApplyOp.

Doing ApplyOp "MeshSubdivide" will generate a subdivided mesh with its center at the origin. This is currently the default for all generator operators.

Scripting Syntax

MeshSubdivideWithCenter( PresetObj, [ConnectionSet], [ConnectType], [ImmediateMode], [GenOpInputsDisposal] );


Parameter Type Description
PresetObj String or preset object (see SIGetPreset) One of the mesh subdivide Generator Operators

Default Value: "MeshSubdivideWithCenter"

Possible Values:


MeshSubdivideWithCenter MeshSubdivideWithCenter operator preset
MeshSubdivide MeshSubdivide operator preset
ConnectionSet ConnectionSet Objects to apply subdivide to.

Note: Because this is an in/out parameter, any string (variable or value) you pass into this parameter is automatically converted to a ConnectionSet object.

Default Value: No default.

Warning: An error occurs if the connection set is invalid. Please verify the connection set required for this operator to avoid breaking your scripts.

ConnectType siBranchFlag Specifies whether this applies to the object as a node or as a branch.

Default Value: siUnspecified

ImmediateMode siOperationMode Specifies whether or not the operator should be immediately frozen.

Default Value: siPersistentOperation

GenOpInputsDisposal siGeneratorInputsDisposalMode Specifies what to do with the input objects after the operation is performed.

Default Value: siKeepGenOpInputs

Possible Values:


siKeepGenOpInputs The inputs will be kept
siHideGenOpInputs The inputs will be hidden
siDeleteGenOpInputs The inputs will be deleted


VBScript Example

'This example shows how to generate a subdivision surface from an input mesh.
'Create a generated subdivided sphere...
'Center is placed at center of generated object and not origin.
CreatePrim "Sphere", "MeshSurface"
Translate , 5, 0, 0, siAbsolute, siParent, siObj, siX
MeshSubdivideWithCenter , "sphere", , siPersistentOperation

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