Inspects the locks on an object or a hierarchy. Use this command to display what is locked in a scene. This command opens a Net View page with a grid containing all the objects and parameters which are roots of locked items (or owners of lock info).

When an object with all its children is locked the root object keeps the lock information and all other nested objects and parameters inherit that lock. When a parameter is locked, the parameter becomes the owner of the lock info.

This command helps you find out which root objects and parameters are locked.

Scripting Syntax

InspectLocks( [InputObj] );


Parameter Type Description
InputObj String Object to inspect. If node-selected, only the object and its parameters are inspected; otherwise everything under the object is inspected.

Default Value: Based on current selection.


JScript Example

        JScript example that demonstrates how to lock a parameter, lock an object,
        and then inspect those locks.
NewScene(null, null);
CreatePrim("Cone", "MeshSurface", null, null);
// Tag the subdivu parameter on the cone.
Lock("cone.polymsh.geom.subdivu", siLockLevelAnimation);
Lock("cone", siTagAll);
// Inspect the locks
InspectLocks ("B:cone");

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