Creates a new texture projection and support, if appropriate, on the given object. Texture projection helps editing a 2D texture by precisely controlling every part of the 2D texturing pipeline.

Note: This command uses output arguments. Some scripting languages don't support arguments passed by reference (such as JScript and Python). For more information on how to handle getting output arguments through a return-value array, see Output Arguments, Return Values and Output Value Arrays.

Scripting Syntax

CreateProjection( [InputObjs], [Type], [UVDefaultType], [SupportName], [PropertyName], [Parenting], [Fitting], [Camera] );


Parameter Type Description
InputObjs String List of objects to which the texture support is applied.

Default Value: Selected objects

Type siTxtCreationType Projection type

Default Value: siTxtPlanarXY

UVDefaultType siTxtDefaultCreationType Default projection type for mesh objects.

Default Value: siTxtDefaultSpherical

SupportName String Name for the texture support object, if appropriate. Returns the actual name.

Default Value: Texture_Support

PropertyName String Name for the texture projection name. Returns the actual name.

Default Value: Texture_Projection

Parenting Boolean True to parent the texture support to the objects.

Default Value: True

Fitting siTxtProjFitMethod Method to use to fit the new texture support on the objects (only relevant for planar, cylindrical, spherical and lollipop).

Default Value: siRelObject

Camera String Camera to use if Type is siTxtCamera.

Default Value: Starts a pick session


VBScript Example

' Create a sphere, assign default image to scene's material:
oSphere = CreatePrim( "Sphere", "MeshSurface" )
SIApplyShaderToCnxPoint "Image", "Sources.Materials.DefaultLib.Scene_Material.Phong.diffuse"
' Create the Texture projection:
dim sSupportName, sPropertyName
sSupportName = "NewSupport"
sPropertyName = "NewProjection"
CreateProjection oSphere, siTxtPlanarXY, siTxtDefaultPlanarXY, sSupportName, sPropertyName, True
LogMessage "Texture support created: " & sSupportName
LogMessage "Texture projection created: " & sPropertyName
' View the results:
SetDisplayMode "Camera", "textured"
' Running this script should log the following:
' ---------------------------------------------
'INFO : "Texture support created: NewSupport"
'INFO : "Texture projection created: NewProjection"

See Also

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