Attaches a proportional volume deform control object to one or more objects using a proportional volume deform operator.

Note: This command uses output arguments. C# and some scripting languages (such as JScript, PerlScript and Python) don't support arguments passed by reference so you need to use the best workaround for your situation:

For scripting languages this command returns an ISIVTCollection which you can use to get the output arguments.

For C# you can use the XSIApplication.ExecuteCommand method to call this command. ExecuteCommand packs the output arguments into a C# System.Object containing an Array of the output arguments (see Calling Commands from C#).

Scripting Syntax

ApplyPropVolumeOp( PresetObj, [ConnectionSet], [ConnectType], [ImmediateMode], [OutputObjs], [ConstructionMode] );


Parameter Type Description
PresetObj String or a preset object (see SIGetPreset) PropVolume preset

Default Value: "PropVolume"

Possible Values:


PropVolume Proportional volume deform control object
ConnectionSet ConnectionSet Specifies the objects connected to an operator. See Operator Presets for details on the connection set required for this operator.

Default Value: Current selection

Warning: An error occurs if the connection set is invalid. Please verify the connection set required for this operator to avoid breaking your scripts.

ConnectType siBranchFlag Specifies the type of connection.

Default Value: siUnspecified

ImmediateMode siOperationMode Specifies whether or not the operator should be immediately frozen.

Default Value: siPersistentOperation

OutputObjs XSICollection Returns the newly created proportional volume deform operators.
ConstructionMode siConstructionMode Specifies in which construction mode the operator will be applied.

Default Value: Use the current construction mode


VBScript Example

' Basic proportional volume deformer example
set grid = CreatePrim( "Grid", "MeshSurface" )
set volume = GetPrimVolumeDeform
ApplyPropVolumeOp , "" & grid & ";" & volume, , siPersistentOperation, , 0
Translate , 0, 2, 0, siRelative, siView, siObj, siXYZ, , , , , , , , , , 0

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