Marked Parameter List


A marked parameter list is a string that contains a list of relative paths for objects and parameters. Marking parameters is a way of selecting which parameters you want to use for a specific task. For example you may want to only key the local X and Y translation of an object. If you mark the X and Y translation parameters each time you save a key only the X and Y translation parameters will be keyed. The current marked parameter list is independent of the current selection. This means that you can use the same marking list when you change the selection, if you mark the parameters of a sphere, then select a cube, the same parameters are marked on the cube; parameters that do not apply are ignored.

A marking list can mark a single object or parameter. For example, if the cube object is selected then the string "kine.local.posx" marks the local X translation of the cube object. Or a marking list can mark many parameters. For example, the following marks the local X, Y, and Z translations:

"kine.local.posx, kine.local.posy, kine.local.posz"

Syntax keyword



Separates items in a list. For example:

"cube.kine.local.posx, cube.kine.local.posy, cube.kine.local.posz"

A collection or object can be used in place of a string in which case the marking list to constructed is relative to the current selection. For example:

	' Mark all the kinematics local parameters
	Set o = GetPrim( "Null" )
	SetMarking o.Kinematics.Local.Parameters

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