Customizing Icons for Custom ICENodes


In the Preset Manager, each custom ICENode appears with the default node icon (), but you can specify your own thumbnail to use:

  1. Add a new Thumbnails subfolder to the directory where your custom node library is installed (for example, <userpath>/Application/Plugins/ABCPlugin).

  2. Drop the file(s) you want to use for a thumbnail in that folder:

    You can use the usual graphics file formats (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, PIC, etc.) without having to convert or resize them.

  3. Make sure the filename matches the name of the plug-in or plug-in item exactly (capitalization, spaces, etc.). You can set one thumbnail for the entire plug-in or individual thumbnails for each plug-in item.


Softimage tries to match the graphic to each plug-in item and if not found, then looks for a plug-in to match instead.

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