UNC Path


UNC stands for Uniform Naming Convention which is a Microsoft standard for identifying shared resources on a network. For example, if you share a folder for public access then someone else on your network can access that folder by typing the UNC path at the command prompt.

The format of a UNC path is: \\<servername>\<sharename>\<directory>, where these placeholders represent the following types of names:




The network name for that computer.

On Windows this is generally the Computer Name found under Network (Identification) via the Control Panel. For example, oslo256, sallyf, etc.


The share name for the directory.

On Windows this is generally the Share Name you specify on the Sharing tab of the folder's properties dialog. For example, if you share the folder located at C:\temp\mistakes\baddies, it defaults to a Share Name of baddies.


Any additional directories below the shared directory.

As an example, the following are all valid UNC paths:


...assuming the following file structure:

	c: (c-drive on a computer called "sallyf")
	|-- temp
	      |-- mistakes
		     |-- baddies (shared as "baddies")
			    |-- snip
			    |-- snap
			    |-- snerp
				  |-- batter
				  |-- bath

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