Working with the Plug-in Manager


The Plug-in Manager provides tools to help you create, edit, and manage your plug-ins, shaders, toolbars, and other customizations. From the Plug-in Manager, you can:

See the Walkthrough: The Plug-in Manager for quick walkthrough of many of these features.

The different tabs of the Plug-in Manager give you different views of the plug-ins installed on your system.

In addition, you can also show the Custom Folders and v1.0 Plug-ins tabs. The Custom Folders tab displays the locations specified by the XSI_PLUGINS environment variable. The v1.0 Plug-ins tab lists the v1.0 plug-ins: plug-ins that are not self-installing.

To show these optional tabs, open the Plug-in Manager preferences and select the Show additional tabs in Plug-in Manager check box.

Opening the Plug-in Manager

To open the Plug-in Manager

  • Choose FilePlug-in Manager to open the Plug-in Manager.

    In the Tools Development Environment layout, you can click the Plug-ins tab to switch to the Plug-in Manager view.

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