Using Parameter Maps and Vertex Colors


Specifying Parameter Maps or Vertex Colors in Property Editors

Many shaders and other property editors require that you specify a texture map, weight map, or vertex color property. You can specify an existing one or create a new one to use.


If multiple objects use the same material or property, you can select the one(s) to affect: All or a specific object.

This box does not appear if a material or property is not used by multiple objects, nor if a single object is selected. It updates automatically as you select objects in the scene, as long as the property editor is not locked.


Select an existing texture map or vertex color property.

If multiple objects with the same material or property use different parameter maps or CAV properties, (multiple properties) appears instead of a specific name. You can select a property by name only if all objects have a property with the same name. However if you are using a naming convention for properties on different objects, you can enter a string with a * wildcard pattern.

If an object has custom ICE attributes defined, you can also select them depending on their context and data type.


Click to modify the properties of the selected property.


Click to create a new property.

Using Parameter Maps or Vertex Colors in the Render Tree

You can use parameter maps to drive parameter values in a render tree. The different map-lookup shaders convert the map values into different data types.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Drag a node from the Map Lookups category of the preset manager into the render tree.


    • In the Render Tree view, choose one of the items on the Nodes Map Lookups menu.

  2. In the shader's property editor, specify a map.

  3. Connect the output from the shader to drive the desired parameter.

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