New ICE Trees in the CrowdFX System


The ICE CrowdFX system is restructured for you to easily find the appropriate places for making changes.

Two new ICE Trees are introduced in the enhanced CrowdFX system.

  • Animation_Blending — To define all possible animations that an actor is capable of.
  • Behavior — To define when to use an appropriate animation state that was defined in the Animation Blending tree.

For more information on these ICE trees, see How Action Sources Are Used in the Crowd Simulation.

New Commands for Creating a Crowd Simulation


Based on your needs, the new CrowdFX Simulation Create commands in the ICE toolbar help you to set up different crowd simulations.

For more information on these commands, see Creating a Basic Crowd Simulation, Creating a Crowd Simulation with Collision Avoidance, and Creating a Pedestrian Crowd Simulation.

Displaying the Current Crowd Simulation in the ICE Tree Editor


The new CrowdFX Simulation Edit Inspect Crowd Simulation Tree command displays the ICE tree editor directly for the crowd simulation scene that you have loaded.

New ICE Compounds and Nodes

Many new ICE compounds and nodes are introduced to provide more capabilities in the improved CrowdFX system. See the ICE Compounds and ICE Nodes topics in the ICE Reference to find out more information on the new ICE compounds and nodes.

New Input Ports in the Syflex Cloth ICE Compound


The new WeightMap, Points, and StiffnessMap input ports are available in the Syflex Cloth ICE compound to vary deformations.

  • WeightMap — The per-point values in the map, usually between 0 and 1, control how much the points of the cloth are influenced by the simulation. 0 means that the point is not modified by the simulation.
  • Points — Defines which points are used in the simulation.
  • StiffnessMap — Modifies the stiffness of each spring of the cloth that are attached to this point.

For more information, see Using WeightMap, Points, and StiffnessMap Ports in Syflex Cloth.

New Input Ports in the Syflex Cloth Springs ICE Compound


The new StretchMap, ShearMap, and BendMap weightmaps control the stiffness of the springs. The per-point map modifies the stiffness of each spring of the cloth that is attached to this point.

For more information on the Syflex Cloth Springs ports, see Syflex Cloth Springs.

Overriding Exposed Ports on ICE Compounds


You can now override the exposed ports in an ICE compound. An override icon and the greyed out, stipple pattern line helps you to identify the overridden ports and the connection between them in ICE compounds.

See Overriding Exposed Ports.

Adjusting Simulation Parameters in ICE Bullet Rigid Bodies


You can now choose the GPU (CUDA) mode as the simulation environment for ICE bullet rigid bodies. In the GPU (CUDA) mode, all the simulation parameters are exposed for you to adjust. You can adjust the parameters to get better performance and correct simulation results.

See Simulate Bullet Rigid Bodies.

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