Undoing and Redoing Edits


You can undo most edits made from the Softimage interface, such as scaling an object or deleting a camera.

To undo an edit

  • Choose the Edit Undo command or press Ctrl+Z.

    You can continue to undo actions as far back as the system memory can recall. This is limited by the number of undo levels that you have specified in your user preferences (see below for setting this).

Undo does not work on:

  • Changes made to shaders

  • Changes in viewport manipulations

  • Changes to light ray properties

To redo an edit

  • Choose the Edit Redo command or press Ctrl+Y. You can invoke one redo command for each undo action.

Setting the Number of Undo Levels

There's enough space in the system memory to let you undo up to 1000 edits.

To set the number of undo levels

  1. Choose File Preferences to open the Preferences window.

  2. Click General.

  3. In the Number of Undo Levels text box, enter the number of edits that can be undone.

    NoteThe higher number of levels you set, the more memory is required, which can slow down performance.

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