Synoptic View Workflow


Creating synoptic views is a two-stage process:

  1. Use the synoptic editor to create one or more synoptic files, as described in Creating and Editing Synoptic Files. This stage involves creating image maps and defining clickable hotspots.

    • If you want to use hotspots on a primary synoptic view to open secondary synoptic views, it's a good idea to create the secondary views first.

    • If you want to use hotspots to run scripts that reference custom commands or external script files, it's also a good idea to define those commands or script files first.

  2. Apply a synoptic property to an object in your scene as described in Applying Synoptic Properties. This stage associates the object with the synoptic file.

Once you have created a synoptic view and attached it to an object, you can display and use it as described in Synoptic Views [Interface and Tools].