Synoptic Tips and Tricks


This section presents some tips and tricks related to synoptic views and properties.

Viewing Information on Synoptic Properties

You can set the 3D views to show which objects have synoptic and annotation properties. This is controlled by the Attachments setting in the Camera Visibility property editor.

When attachments are visible, the following labels are displayed:

  • [S] indicates that the object has one or more synoptic properties.

  • [A] indicates that the object has one or more annotation properties.

  • [S,A] indicates that the object has both synoptic and annotation properties.

NoteThe labels may be obscured unless the Display Type is Wireframe or Bounding Box. For other display types, you can choose Display Options from the Display Type menu in a 3D view, and activate XRay Mode on the Display Options tab of the Camera Display property editor.

To show or hide attachments in the 3D views

  1. Do one of the following:

    • For a specific view, click the eye icon and choose Visibility Options or press Shift+S while the pointer is over that view.


    • For all open views, choose Display Visibility Options (All Cameras) from the main menu.

    The Camera Visibility property editor opens.

  2. On the Attributes tab, toggle Attachments. You can control this setting independently for Selected Objects and Unselected Objects.

Rendering a Wireframe Region

You can quickly grab a wireframe image from the render region to use in the synoptic editor.

To render a wireframe region

  1. Select a visible geometric object that is outside the render region. You can temporarily get and translate a primitive, if necessary.

  2. Activate Render Selection Only in the region's options (Render Regions All Options or Active Viewport Options).

Adding Synoptic Views to Property Editors

You can add a synoptic view to the property editor of a custom property. To see an example, make sure the SDK Examples workgroup is connected (see SDK Example Workgroup), choose View Toolbars PPGDemos, and click Embedded Synoptic.