Basic Collide



  • Geometry Queries


Calculates whether a moving point will collide with a geometry, and if so then returns the collision location and time.

Locations are "glued" to the surface of a geometry so that they stay in the same relative position even as the geometry transforms and deforms, unless you recompute and reset the locations' values at different frames.

This node only works with obstacles made of polygon meshes or NURBS surfaces. Curves and Point Clouds return no collisions. Currently collisions with NURBS surfaces will not take deformation into account, only animation of the transform.



How to calculate the collision.

  • Deformed Collision (Continuous): Takes any deformation of the obstacle geometry into account.

  • Static Collision: Does not take deformation into account.




The geometry to on which to test the collision.

Start Position

The position of the point on which we test collisions at the input frame fraction.


The translation vector of the point until the end of the frame.

Frame Fraction

The portion of the frame that has already elapsed, expressed as a fraction.

Current Collision

Location of the previous inter-frame collision. This is optional but helps making collisions more robust. This is typically the previous output of the Basic Collide node.

Current Collision Is Outside

Whether the point is inside or outside the geometry at the start of the motion.



Location where the point hits the geometry. An undefined location is returned if nothing was hit.


Outputs true if the point hits the geometry.

Hit Frame Fraction

The fraction of the frame at which time the point hit the geometry.

Is Outside

Whether the point is outside the geometry at collision time.