Specifies how to select objects in a hierarchy.

C# Syntax

siSelectMode.siSelectDefault                                                // 0
siSelectMode.siSelectNode                                                   // 1
siSelectMode.siSelectBranch                                                 // 2
siSelectMode.siSelectTree                                                   // 3
siSelectMode.siSelectModel                                                  // 4

Constant Value Description
siSelectDefault 0 Select the object as is.
siSelectNode 1 Select the object in node.
siSelectBranch 2 Select the object and its children.
siSelectTree 3 Select the entire hierarchy of objects.
siSelectModel 4 Select the model and the hierarchy of objects. If that model is the scene root then this is the same as siSelectTree.

Applies To

SelectObj Selection.Add Selection.Remove Selection::Add Selection::Remove

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