Specifies the different pre-defined data types available for Framebuffers and writable image sources. These image datatypes are not an exhaustive list but only a list of currently known shorthands. Each rendering engine may provide its own set of image data types in addition to the ones listed here.

C# Syntax

StringModule.siImageDataTypeRGBA                                            // RGBA
StringModule.siImageDataTypeRGB                                             // RGB
StringModule.siImageDataTypeRGBE                                            // RGBE
StringModule.siImageDataTypeAlpha                                           // Alpha
StringModule.siImageDataTypeIntensity                                       // Intensity
StringModule.siImageDataTypeDepth                                           // Depth
StringModule.siImageDataTypeNormal                                          // Normal
StringModule.siImageDataTypeMotion                                          // Motion
StringModule.siImageDataTypeVector                                          // Vector
StringModule.siImageDataTypePoint                                           // Vector
StringModule.siImageDataTypeLabel                                           // Label
StringModule.siImageDataTypeBitMask                                         // BitMask

Constant Value Description
siImageDataTypeRGBA RGBA Represents a four channel RGB color image, where the fourth channel is the alpha matte.
siImageDataTypeRGB RGB Represents a three channel, RGBA color image.
siImageDataTypeRGBE RGBE Represents a four channel, RGB color image, where the fourth channel is an exponent. Used for HDR images.
siImageDataTypeAlpha Alpha Represents a single channel, alpha matte image.
siImageDataTypeIntensity Intensity Represents a single channel, grayscale intensity image.
siImageDataTypeDepth Depth Represents a single channel, depth value image.
siImageDataTypeNormal Normal Represents a three channel, vector image composed of normalized vectors.
siImageDataTypeMotion Motion Represents a three channel, motion vector image.
siImageDataTypeVector Vector Represents a three channel image composed of arbitrary vectors.
siImageDataTypePoint Point Represents a three channel image composed of arbitrary points in space.
siImageDataTypeLabel Labels Represents a single channel, object label image.
siImageDataTypeBitMask BitMask Represents a single channel, single bit-mask image.

Applies To

Framebuffer Renderer.OutputFormatDef AddWritableImageSource