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An intrinsic object that provides access to Softimage user interface objects such as the FileBrowser and ProgressBar objects. An intrinsic object is one that you can refer to by name in your code without creating an instance of it first. The scripting engine creates the XSIUIToolkit object when the engine is loaded. All of its methods and properties are available to your script at all times.


MsgBox PickFolder    


FileBrowser ProgressBar    


1. VBScript Example

' Simple program that shows how to use the XSIUIToolkit object to create a ProgressBar.
'Demonstrates the use of the progress bar in displaying a fake rendering process. 
dim oProgressBar
set oProgressBar = XSIUIToolkit.ProgressBar
oProgressBar.Maximum = 65535
oProgressBar.Caption = "Rendering"
oProgressBar.Visible = True
for i = oProgressBar.Minimum to oProgressBar.Maximum
	if oProgressBar.CancelPressed then
		logmessage "Progress bar cancelled at " & oProgressBar.Increment
		exit for
	end if
	x = oProgressBar.Increment
	oProgressBar.StatusText = "Frame " & x

2. VBScript Example

' Simple program that shows how to use the XSIUIToolkit object.
dim oFileBrowser
set oFileBrowser = XSIUIToolkit.FileBrowser
' set the title, initial directory and filter
oFileBrowser.DialogTitle = "Select a file"		
oFileBrowser.InitialDirectory = "c:\myInitialDir\"
oFileBrowser.Filter = "All Files (*.*)|*.*||"
' show an open file dialog
If oFileBrowser.FilePathName <> "" Then
		logmessage "User selected " & oFileBrowser.FilePathName
		logmessage "User pressed cancel"
End If

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