Asks the user to pick a location in the file system. This is useful when doing an import or export that deals with multiple files in the same directory. For example this could be used to ask the user where to save a series of output images.

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = PickFolder( [Title], [HelpText], [DefaultValue] );

Return Value

Returns the path that the user picked. It is not guaranteed that the path is valid. An empty string is returned if the user canceled without picking a folder.


Parameter Type Description
Title String Title for the dialog box
HelpText String Prompt for the user. For example, "Pick the location of the rendered images folder".
DefaultValue String Initial folder in the browser


JScript Example

// Example showing how to use the PickFolder command

strTitle = "Choose a folder" ;

strDefault = Application.InstallationPath( siUserPath ) ;

strPickedFolder = XSIUIToolkit.PickFolder( strDefault, strTitle ) ;

if ( strPickedFolder.length == 0 ) 


	logmessage( "User didn't make a choice " + strPickedFolder ) ;




	logmessage( "User chose " + strPickedFolder ) ;


See Also

XSIUIToolkit.FileBrowser PPGLayout XSIUtils.EnsureFolderExists