Returns a ModelCollection containing each Model under this 3D object.

Note: Since Python does not support input parameters on properties, X3DObject.Models will fail in Python. Use the Python-compliant version X3DObject.GetModels2 instead.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
ModelCollection X3DObject.get_Models( Boolean in_bMode );


Parameter Type Description
Recursive Boolean Recurse if True, otherwise the search is done on the immediate children.

Default Value: True


1. JScript Example

main() ;
function main()
	NewScene( null, false );
	var oRoot = Application.ActiveSceneRoot;
	// Stick all the x3dobjects in the current scene into a model
	var oModel = oRoot.AddModel( oRoot.Children, "TopModel" );
	// Create two models, each of which contain a Null and nest them inside the TopModel.
	oNull = oRoot.AddNull( "mynull");
	oModel.AddModel( oNull, "SubModel" );
	oNull2 = oRoot.AddNull( "mynull" );
	oModel.AddModel( oNull2, "AnotherSubModel" );
	WriteModels( oRoot ) ;
function  WriteModels( in_obj )
	var mdls = in_obj.Models;
	n = mdls.Count;
	for ( var i=0; i<n; i++ ) {
		m = mdls.Item(i);
		Application.LogMessage( "Model " + m.Name + " is nested inside " + m.model ) ;
// Expected results:
//INFO : Model TopModel is nested inside Scene_Root
//INFO : Model SubModel is nested inside TopModel
//INFO : Model AnotherSubModel is nested inside TopModel

2. VBScript Example

Option Explicit
sub main()
	NewScene , false
	dim oRoot
	set oRoot = Application.ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root
	oRoot.AddModel oRoot.Children, "Mary"
	WriteModels oRoot
end sub
' Recursive function to read all models no matter how deeply nested
function WriteModels( in_obj )
	dim list, n, i, mdls
	set mdls = in_obj.Models(0)
	n = mdls.Count
	if n = 0 then
		exit function
	end if
	for i=0 to n-1
		Application.LogMessage mdls(i).Name
		' Drill down
		WriteModels mdls(i)
end function
' Expected results:
'INFO : Mary

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