Sets the selection by parsing a given string. SetAsText allows you to set the selection using the string path names for object names as is shown in the scripting history window. The string list is comma separated. You may use wildcards in the string to match many object for example "light*".

This is the equivalent of using the AddToSelection command with a list of objects.

C# Syntax

Selection.SetAsText( String in_bstrText );

Scripting Syntax

Selection.SetAsText( Text );


Parameter Type Description
Text String Object names to convert to selection."


VBScript Example

set root = ActiveSceneRoot
root.AddGeometry "Cube", "MeshSurface", "myCube" 
root.AddGeometry "Grid", "NurbsSurface", "myGrid" 
root.AddGeometry "Cylinder", "MeshSurface", "myCylinder" 
set sel = Selection
sel.SetAsText "myCube,myGrid,myCylinder" 
LogMessage "Selection count: " & sel.Count 
'INFO : "Selection count: 3"
for each item in sel
LogMessage "Selection " & i & "= " & item.FullName
'INFO : "Selection 0= myCube"
'INFO : "Selection 1= myGrid"
'INFO : "Selection 2= myCylinder"

See Also

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