v8.0 (2010)


Returns an Array of custom data types defined for this ICEAttribute. Custom data types are defined by custom ICENodes and used as data type for defining custom ICENodePorts and ICEAttributes. The array is empty if no custom types are defined for this ICEAttribute.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
Object rtn = ICEAttribute.CustomDataTypes;


Python Example

# Example to demonstrate how to get the custom data types from an ICEAttribute
from win32com.client import constants
app = Application
log = app.LogMessage
# Loads the GridWalker custom node plug-in from the examples workgroup
wrkgrp = XSIUtils.BuildPath( app.GetInstallationPath2(constants.siFactoryPath ), "XSISDK", "examples", "workgroup" )
app.AddWorkgroup( wrkgrp )
# Opens the GridWalker scene containing custom data types 
app.OpenScene( XSIUtils.BuildPath( wrkgrp, "Addons", "CustomICENodes", "Data", "Project", "Scenes", "GridWalker" ) + ".scn", False )
# Log the attribute with custom data types
attr = app.ActiveSceneRoot.FindChild("grid").ActivePrimitive.Geometry.GetICEAttributeFromName( "GridWalkerState" );
log( "GridWalkerState attribute's custom data type: " + attr.CustomDataTypes[0] )
# Output
# INFO : GridWalkerState attribute's custom data type: GridWalkState_v1

See Also

ICENodePort.CustomDataTypes ICEAttribute::GetCustomDataTypes ICENodeDef::DefineCustomType