Sets or returns the actual value of an argument (Variant). When you define an argument (before XSIApplication.AddCommand is called), this property represents the default value of an argument. This is persisted as part of the command definition. This property can also be used to change the default value when you call Command.Update.

When you use Command.Execute to invoke a command, you can provide an actual value for this argument, which overrides the default value, but does not affect the persisted command definition.

Warning: The Value is erased if Argument.Handler is called to set an Argument Handler after the Value has been already set.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
Object rtn = Argument.Value;
// set accessor
Argument.Value = Object;


VBScript Example

set args = Application.Commands("Select Object").Arguments
'Print out the default argument values
for each a in args
	LogMessage a.Name & ":" & a.Value

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