Sends a message to the history logging mechanism. The message appears as a Message Box, in the History Window, or on the Status Bar, depending on which Severity parameter you used. For more information on these options, see siSeverity.

Note: The maximum length of a message on Linux is 2048 characters. There are no limitations on message length for Windows.

C# Syntax

Application.LogMessage( String in_Message, siSeverity in_Severity );

Scripting Syntax

Application.LogMessage( Message, [Severity] );


Parameter Type Description
Message String or Expression Message Text
Severity siSeverity Severity of the message.

Default Value: siInfo


VBScript Example

'VBScript example : log a message
Application.LogMessage "System failure", siFatal
Application.LogMessage "Something to log", siInfo
Application.LogMessage "An error has occured", siError
Application.LogMessage "Something else to log", siVerbose
Application.LogMessage "You might have an error", siWarning