Model Presets

Model presets are stored in the Data\DSPresets\Models folder under XSI's factory location. As a backup, any model file (.emdl) can be substituted in commands calling for a model. For example, if XSI does not find any presets, it will look in the XSI_SAMPLES\Models folder (also in the factory location) and load a model from there.

Note All of these presets can be used with the GetPresetModel command but only these four presets are supported by the GetProportionalGuide command:
  • BipedPropGuide
  • Biped_DogLeg_Guide
  • Biped_Guide
  • Quadruped_Guide
Preset Models
BipedPropGuide BipedPropGuide (also available with GetProportionalGuide only)
Biped_Box Biped_Box
Biped_Box_Generated Biped_Box_Generated
Biped_DogLeg_Guide Biped proportional guide with DogLeg (also available with GetProportionalGuide only)
Biped_Guide Biped proportional guide with ears and stomach (also available with GetProportionalGuide only)
Biped_Null Biped null
Biped_Rig Biped_Rig
Biped_Rig_Generated Biped_Rig_Generated
Biped_Skeleton Biped_Skeleton
Biped_Skeleton_Generated Biped_Skeleton_Generated
Biped_XSISkeleton Biped_XSISkeleton
Biped_XSISkeleton_Generated Biped_XSISkeleton_Generated
Facial_Animation Facial_Animation
Man Man
ManSkeleton_Basic ManSkeleton_Basic
ManSkeleton_Complete ManSkeleton_Complete
ManSkeleton_Complexe ManSkeleton_Complexe
ManSkeleton_Rig ManSkeleton_Rig
Man_Character Man_Character
Man_Face Man_Face
mocap_rig mocap_rig
Quadruped_Guide Quadruped_Guide (also available with GetProportionalGuide only)
Quadruped_PropGuide Quadruped_PropGuide
Quadruped_Rig Quadruped_Rig
Quadruped_Rig_Generated Quadruped_Rig_Generated
Woman Woman
WomanSkeleton_Basic WomanSkeleton_Basic
WomanSkeleton_Complete WomanSkeleton_Complete
WomanSkeleton_Rig WomanSkeleton_Rig
Woman_Face Woman_Face