Exports a model delta object into a specific file (usually something like "Deltas/modelname.delta"). This file can be used later as external storage or when importing a delta.

A Delta is basically a 'diff' or list of modifications made to the components of a reference model. You can specify which modifications should be tracked in each delta (eg., track only expressions and constraints vs. tracking all animation, etc.). Each model can only have one delta associated to it and each delta contains the name of the model to which it is associated.

Scripting Syntax

ExportDelta( Delta, FileName );


Parameter Type Description
Delta String The model delta to be exported.
FileName String The filename where to export the model delta.


JScript Example


	This example demonstrates how to export a model delta. It also shows how to find a model's delta.


NewScene( null, false );

var oX3DO = CreatePrim( "Sphere", "MeshSurface" );

var oMdl = CreateModel( oX3DO, "TestModel" )(0);

var sMdlPath = XSIUtils.BuildPath( Application.InstallationPath(siFactoryPath), "Data", "XSI_SAMPLES", "Models", "Test.emdl" );

ConvertToRefModel( oMdl, sMdlPath );

Translate( oX3DO, -8.21651117203418, 4.54207454997213, -0.454207454997213, siRelative, siView, siObj, siXYZ );

// Export the delta under its Reference Model 

var sDeltaPath = XSIUtils.BuildPath( Application.InstallationPath(siFactoryPath), "Data", "XSI_SAMPLES", "Deltas", "Test.delta" );

ExportDelta( oMdl.Name + ".Delta", sDeltaPath );

See Also

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