Creates a new button on a toolbar. You can change the format of your toolbar by adding line separators, line breaks, etc. using the CreateToolbarControl command.

Scripting Syntax

CreateToolbarButton( Toolbar, Command, [Index] );


Parameter Type Description
Toolbar String Unique identifier of the toolbar to which the button is added.
Command String Unique identifier of the command linked to the new button. You can determine the unique identifier for a command by calling Command.UID.
Index Integer Position of the button on the toolbar (0 is the first button, 1 is the second button, and so on; -1 is the last button).

Default Value: -1 (add to end)


VBScript Example

sub Install()

	dim file, toolbar, command, path

	path = Application.InstallationPath( siUserPath )

	file = path & "\Data\Scripts\myUtils.vbs"

	'Create Toolbar

	toolbar = CreateToolbar("Utilities")

	'Create Commands

	command = CreateScriptCommand( "Simplify It" ,_

					"makeSimple" ,_

					file ,_


					"Makes life easier." )

	'Add button to toolbar.

	CreateToolbarButton toolbar, command

end sub

See Also

CreateToolbar CreateToolbarControl CreateScriptCommand Command.UID