Creates a command that runs a script. Note: The Command object, used in conjunction with XSIApplication.CreateCommand, provides a much more powerful API for specifying custom commands.

Scripting Syntax

oString = CreateScriptCommand( CommandName, ScriptName, FileName, [ProcName], [Description] );

Return Value

Returns a unique String identifier for the command.


Parameter Type Description
CommandName String Name displayed in the user interface (on toolbar buttons, in the Customize menu).
ScriptName String Name used to run the command in scripting.
FileName String Path and name of the script file.
ProcName String Name of a scripting function or subroutine.

Default Value: Script runs from the start of the file

Description String Description of the command.


VBScript Example

sub Install()

	dim file, toolbar, command, path

	path = Application.InstallationPath( siUserPath )

	file = path & "\Data\Scripts\myUtils.vbs"

	'Create Toolbar

	toolbar = CreateToolbar("Utilities")

	'Create Commands

	command = CreateScriptCommand( "Simplify It" ,_

					"makeSimple" ,_

					file ,_


					"Makes life easier." )

	'Add button to toolbar.

	CreateToolbarButton toolbar, command

end sub

See Also

CreateToolbar CreateToolbarButton CreateToolbarControl RemoveScriptCommand XSIApplication.AddCommand