Real-Time Message Logging


When running scripts, you can set your preferences to allow for real-time message logging. This is particularly useful when rendering in batch mode. To activate real-time message logging:

  1. Choose FileUser Preferences from the main menu.

    The User Preferences dialog box opens.

  2. On the Scripting/Logging page, set the Real-Time Message Logging option as you want it:

    • When this option is off (default), commands that involve picking sessions are properly logged after all the inputs have been picked.

    • When this option is on, messages are logged as they occur. This lets you see, for example, messages about each frame as it is rendered rather than after all frames are rendered.

You can also get and set this preference using the "RealTimeMessageLogging" string and the GetUserPref and SetUserPref commands. For example, the following VBScript script stores the current preference, then activates real-time message logging, renders the current pass, and finally restores the original preference:

Dim flag
flag = GetUserPref("RealTimeMessageLogging")
SetUserPref "RealTimeMessageLogging", True
SetUserPref "RealTimeMessageLogging", flag