Packaging Your Custom Menu


When you are ready to share your menu with others, there are two ways to deliver your plug-in:

File type


*.dll/so file or *.vbs/js/pls/py

Any support files (for example, extra libraries) that your custom menu callbacks may need to call while running.

*.spdl file and/or *.preset file

If you call a dialog or any custom property page in your script that you want to remain in the scene, you need to provide either a SPDL file with the definition and a preset file to create the dialog, or a self-installing custom property.

For more information on self-installing properties, see Custom Properties.

*.html/htm/chm/hlp (or ReadMe.txt file)

If you provide a help page (or site) that can help explain the usage of your menu, you should package it with the rest of your menu


Any image files that may be required for your dialogs or your help pages.