Texture Layer Editor Preferences

To display: Choose View Preferences from the texture layer editor menu.

Alternatively, you can choose File Preferences from the main menu, expand the Editors node in the preferences view, and select Texture Layer Editor.

The Texture Layer Editor Preferences property editor contains properties that you can set to change the default look and behavior of texture layers and ports in the editor.

Default in Locked State

When activated, the texture layer editor stays locked on the shader/material that was selected when you opened the editor. Locking the selection keeps the selected material/shader's texture layers in the editor, regardless of what you select or work with in the rest of the interface.

Default Last Layer First

Changes the top-to-bottom display order of the selection's texture layers from last-applied down to first-applied (stack format) rather than the default first-applied down to last-applied (list format). Activating this option moves the base layers to the bottom of the stack.

This preference does not affect the Move Up and Move Down commands. These commands move selected layers up or down regardless of whether the layers are displayed as a list or a stack.

Default Collapsed

When activated, texture layers and ports appear collapsed when you show them. This does not affect texture layers or ports that are visible before you toggle this option.

Default Action

These options specify the default behavior for the most commonly used surface shader ports (Ambient, Diffuse, Specular, Transparency, and Reflectivity) when you update the texture layer editor for the selected shader/material.

Ambient/Diffuse/Specular/and so on

For each of the ports in the Default Action section, the following options are available.

Hide: The port is hidden when you update the texture layer editor for the selected shader/material.

Show if present: When you update the texture layer editor with a shader that has the port as one of it parameters, the port is automatically shown.

Show and add to new layers: Same as Show if present, but the port is automatically added to new texture layers that you create from within the texture layer editor.

Thumbnail Size

Specifies the default size of texture and mask thumbnails, in pixels.

Default Column Width

Specifies the default width of port columns, in pixels.