Used to align particle shapes and sprites.

This attribute is updated automatically by the Simulate Rigid Bodies node based on AngularVelocity and the effect of collisions.

Normally, the reference frame for the orientation is the point cloud's local space.

With strands, Orientation is used to align the base particle and StrandOrientation is used to align the shapes at the StrandPosition values. If StrandDeform is true, the reference frame for both Orientation and StrandOrientation is established by using the strand's tangent as the Y axis. PointUpVector and StrandUpVector define the X axis for the point and the strand positions respectively. If the up-vector attributes are not defined, the up-vector is calculated from the camera, which will make the deformations rotate if the camera moves.

You can quickly get and set the Orientation attribute with the Get Particle Orientation and Set Particle Orientation compounds.

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Geometry Types

  • point cloud

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