While with Counter

Executes the connected branches while the specified condition is true. Additionally, you can get the number of times the branches have been executed so far during the current evaluation and use that value in your calculations.

Category: Execution

Output Ports: Execute


Controls whether the branches get executed.

Max Repeat

Prevents excessive calculations by capping the number of times the branches will be executed.

In Name

A scene reference that is prepended to Reference to fully resolve the name.


The attribute being used to store the counter. If you use more than one While with Counter compound on an object, change the name so that the attributes do not interfere with each other. Within the execute branches, you can get this attribute to know which iteration is currently being executed (0 for the first time through the loop, 1 for the second time, and so on).

Execute Each Iteration

Plug the branch to be executed into this port. Additional branches can be added by plugging them into New (Execute Each Iteration).