Test Weightmap Value

This compound uses the values on an object's weight map as a trigger for an effect. This object can be a particle emitter, a collision object, an object to which the particles are sticking, an object on which the particles are sliding, a goal object, or any object whose weight map you want to use.

Make sure to first create a weight map for the object (Get Property Weight Map).

Plug this compound's Result output into a Trigger port on a State compound or in a Condition port of an If node.

For more information on states, see ICE Particle States [ICE Particle Simulations].

Tasks: Particles/Conditionals

Output Ports: Result

Select Location

The type of location for the object whose weight map you want to use: Emit Location, Collision Location, Stick Location, Slide Location, Goal Location, or Input Location.

See Particle Surface Interaction Attributes [ICE Particle Simulations] for more information on these locations.

Input Location

If you selected Input Location as the Select Location, plug in the object's location data into this port.

Weightmap Reference

The string used for the location of the weight map's Weights attribute. It should look something like this, depending on the weight map's name:


To select a different weight map, click the Explorer button and select one from the list that appears, or click the Pick button and pick a weight map from another explorer. If you pick the weight map, make sure to remove the object name from the beginning of the string and add the Weights attribute to the end of the string so that the weight map name is displayed as shown above.


Inverts the use of the weight map values so that 0 values are treated as 1, and vice versa.