Test Time in State

This compound uses the amount of time that the particle spends in a particular state as a trigger. This is used in conjunction with the Start Timer and Init Timers compounds. You can output the Time in Seconds as a scalar value.

Plug this compound into a Trigger port on a State compound.

For more information on states, see ICE Particle States; for information on timers, Setting Particle Timers.

Tasks: Particles/States,Particles/Conditionals

Output Ports: Result

Test Time in Seconds

Defines the number of seconds in which the particle remains in the current state. When this value is reached, the compound defined as the effect in the target state can be executed.


Defines the condition for the Test Time in Seconds value to be triggered: Equal To; Not Equal To; Less Than; Less than or Equal to; Greater Than; or Greater Than or Equal To.


Widens the range of acceptable values by a small amount so as to reduce rounding errors.