Test Random Probability

This compound uses a probability factor as a trigger for an effect.

Plug its Result output into a Trigger port on a State compound or in a Condition port of an If node.

For more information on states, see ICE Particle States [ICE Particle Simulations].

Tasks: Particles/Conditionals

Output Ports: Result


Defines the sequence of random numbers used. If you require that two nodes generate different sets of values with the same parameters, simply assign them different seeds.

Time Varying

Varies the probability factor over time.

True Ratio

The likelihood of the trigger to be pulled based on the values it's testing. For example, if a value being tested is 0, there is a 0% chance of the trigger being pulled; if the value is 1, there is 100% chance; if the value is 0.5, there is a 50% chance, and so on.