Test Particle ID

When a particle is born, it has its own unique identification number (ID attribute) that stays unique throughout the simulation. This command uses the particle's ID value as a trigger for an effect.

Plug its Result output into a Trigger port on a State compound or in a Condition port of an If node.

For more information on states, see ICE Particle States [ICE Particle Simulations]; for more information on IDs, see Working with IDs and Indices [ICE Fundamentals].

Tasks: Particles/Conditionals

Output Ports: Result

Test ID

The particle ID attribute value to be used as the trigger.


Defines the condition for the particle ID value to be triggered: Equal To; Not Equal To; Less Than; Less than or Equal to; Greater Than; or Greater Than or Equal To.


Widens the range of acceptable values by a small amount so as to reduce rounding errors.