Test Inside Null

This compound tests for particles being inside the icon of a null. When the particles are inside the null, they trigger the effect.

Plug its Result output into a Trigger port on a State compound or in a Condition port of an If node.

For more information on states, see ICE Particle States [ICE Particle Simulations].

Tasks: Particles/Conditionals

Output Ports: Result

Null Name

The null within which the particles must be to trigger the effect. The null's icon must be a 3D geometry shape for this to work: change the Primary Display Icon of the null in its property editor. Plug the null's Output Name output into this port.

Use Falloff Profile Curve

Toggles the use of the Falloff Profile Curve below. If you turn this off, the particles are simply tested as to whether they are inside the null shape or not: there is no falloff.


This graph determines the falloff of the particles inside the null to create a more gradual effect.