Log Values


  • Debugging


This is a special type of Pass Through node which writes the values that pass through this node to the Script Editor history pane so that you can debug your graphs. You can choose to print all values that are passed into the In port or limit the output to a range of elements.

If you have more than one Log Values node in your graph, you can specify a special string in the Debug Print Tag parameter to uniquely identify which values are being logged. For example, if you set it to "Turbulize the Gravity" and pass the Turbulize value through the Log Values node to set the Gravity Force compound, all logged values from this connection will be bracketed with these messages:

INFO : 4000 - Begin: output for "Turbulize the Gravity" DebugPrintNode:

INFO : 4000 - End: output for "Turbulize the Gravity" DebugPrintNode.

The Out port must be connected as well in order to log and pass the values through.


Debug Print Tag

String that helps you identify which messages come from which nodes.




The values to be logged.


True to enable logging.

All Elements

True to log the values of all elements. False to log only those elements in the specified range.

First Element

Index of the first element of the range to log. Only used when All Elements is set to false.

Last Element

Index of the last element of the range to log. Only used when All Elements is set to false.



Outputs the values passed through the In port. This port must be connected for the values to log.