Lagoa Phase

Defines a phase for the particles. You can create multiple phases per point cloud in one ICE tree. This lets you create a mixture or combination of particles that have different materials, such as one fluid simulation containing both oil and water particles, or a point cloud changing from cloth to jelly.

Each phase needs to have its own Lagoa Emit, Lagoa Phase, and Lagoa Material nodes. Make sure that the phase is identified by the same Phase ID in the Lagoa Emit and Lagoa Phase nodes.

Plug this compound's Execute output into a port on the ICETree node or into an Execute port of the Simulation Root node.

See Creating Phases for Lagoa Effects [Lagoa Multiphysics Simulations] for more information.

Tasks: Lagoa/Phase

Output Ports: Execute

Phase ID

Gives the phase a unique ID so that the particles in that phase can be easily identified.


Any node plugged in here is executed for this phase.


Defines the trigger, which is the condition upon which the particles will change to the Next Phase.

This port accepts any node that has a Boolean output, such as the Test compounds that are found in the Particles > Conditionals group.

Next Phase

The ID of the phase to which the particles will be transitioning when the trigger's value is reached.