Graph Value Over Time

Displays a graph showing the value of a scalar over time. To use, plug a scalar value into the Value port and play back the scene. This works only in ICE trees in the Simulation region.

Category: Debugging

Output Ports: Execute


The scalar value to graph.

Value Range

The minimum (X) and maximum (Y) values of Value. These values are used to scale the graph to fit Graph Scale.

Sample Count

The number of recent frame values to show.

Graph Offset

The position of the graph. For example, you can connect Self.PointPosition to place each graph at the corresponding point's position.

Graph Scale

The size of the X and Y axes of the graph in Softimage units.

Graph Color

The color of the graph line.

Graph Value Name

A scene reference that is prepended to Graph Value Reference to fully resolve the name.

Graph Value Reference

The custom attribute being used to store the graph values. If you want to graph more than one value on an object, you must change this name to ensure that each node uses a different attribute.

Frame Color

The color of the graph axes.