Apply Thickness

Tasks: Topology/Modifiers

Output Ports: Execute

Solidifies polygon mesh objects by adding thickness, similar to the Shell modifier in 3ds Max.


To apply:

  1. Select one or more polygon mesh objects.

  2. Choose Modify Poly. Mesh Apply Thickness from the Model toolbar.

    If you did not select a polygon mesh in the previous step, you are prompted to pick one now.

  3. If you are using a different texture projection name than the default, clear Texture Projection Name and then set the correct value. Set other parameters as desired.

To redisplay:


The depth in Softimage units.


The number of subdivisions along the depth. If Bevel is on, this is the number of subdivisions in each bevel.


Applies a rounded bevel.

Bevel ratio

Controls the amount of beveling. A value of 0 gives a flat profile, and 1 gives a completely round profile.

Texture Projection Name

Specifies the texture projection to update.

UVW Scale

Scales the texture coordinates of the new points by the specified factor. For example, this can be used to avoid stretching with spatial projections.