Lighting with High Dynamic Range Images

Although you can use any image to light a scene this way, you will get the best results using a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image. That's because HDR images contain a greater range of illumination than regular images, making them better able to simulate real-world lighting.

For more information about using HDR Images in Softimage, see Using High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images.


Here, the scene is lit using a Low Dynamic Range (LDR) image. Compare it to the image on the right, which is lit with an High Dynamic Range (HDR) image. The close-ups images show specific regions where the difference between LDR and HDR are particularly apparent.


When lit with an HDR image, the scene appears more realistic. The reflections are more accurate and have better contrasts. Notice that the specular highlights are brighter, but more defined where the objects are hit by bright lights.