Integer Attribute

Category: Data > Attribute

Shader Family: Texture

Output: Integer

This shader gets ICE attributes of the Integer data type created for particles in the ICE tree. To use this shader, you must make sure that the particles first have the appropriate attribute created for it in its ICE tree.

NoteThe attribute shaders are currently available only for ICE particles.

For general information, see Bringing ICE Data into the Render Tree with Attribute Shaders.


Name of the ICE attribute used to drive shader data. This attribute must be an Integer type, such as the Number of Points in a point cloud.

The attribute names show up in this list only if they are defined in the point cloud's ICE tree.

The Default Value is used in case an attribute is missing or none has been selected.

Array Index

If the value refers to an array type, you can specify an index value.

Default Value

Set the value that you want the attribute to use in the render tree.

Render Tree Usage

Plugs into any port on a shader that supports Integer data, such as the input ports on the Particle Gradient shader. For example, you could drive the gradient color based on custom particle attribute that you've created and brought into the render tree with an Integer Attribute shader.

When you plug this shader into ports that only accept scalar values, an Integer to Scalar converter node is automatically created to convert the values.