Vector4 Array Switch

Category: Processing > Switch

Shader Family: Texture

Output: Vector4

This shader allows you to create an array of 4D vectors whose evaluation is based on an integer switch (input). The evaluation is performed as follows:

All of the parameters can be animated or driven by another shader in the render tree. You can also bypass this property editor and create input ports using a render tree workflow exclusively. For more information, see Adding Shader Nodes to the Render Tree [Materials and Shaders].


The name of the shader node displayed in the render tree. Enter any name you like, or leave the default.


Accepts an integer value that controls which Item's value gets evaluated.


Sets the default 4D vector to use when the input does not match the index of any of the Items.



Create an Item group that consists of a 4D vector value and an integer index (for matching). You can add as many Item groups as you need for the effect.


Removes all Item groups from the list.



Click the Edit Array Item icon (the " blue socket") to open a pop-up menu with the following commands:

Remove: Deletes the Item group from the list. Once an Item is removed from the list, it no longer influences the effect.

Move Up/Move Down: Promotes or demotes the Item group. The position of an Item in the list indicates its order of evalution.


An integer value. When the input matches this index, the value for this Item is output through the render tree.


Sets the 4D vector values to use when the input matches the index for this Item.