Adding Nodes to ICE Trees

You can add nodes to an ICE tree in a variety of ways:

Copying and Pasting Nodes

To copy and paste nodes

  1. Select the nodes to copy.

  2. Right-click on one of the selected nodes (not over a port) and choose Copy Nodes. Alternatively, press Ctrl+C.

  3. If necessary, open another scene or switch to the ICE tree in which you want to paste the nodes. You can also copy and paste nodes between separate running instances of Softimage (however, you cannot copy and paste between different versions of Softimage).

  4. Right-click on the background and choose Paste. Alternatively, press Ctrl+V.

Deleting Nodes

To delete nodes

  1. Select the nodes to delete.

  2. Press the Delete key.

Removing Unconnected Nodes

To remove all unconnected nodes

  • Choose User Tools Delete Unconnected Nodes.

This affects nodes in the displayed level only. It does not affect nodes in nested compounds.