Determines the capabilities of a parameter. They can be combined by adding them: for example, to have a parameter animatable (1) and persistable (4), use 5.

Constant Value Description
siAnimatable 1 Animatable
siReadOnly 2 Cannot be written to
siPersistable 4 Is saved with its parameter set
siNotInspectable 8 Does not show up in the UI
siSilent 16 For internal use only. Do not use.
siNotPresetPersistable 128 Will not be saved in presets
siTexturable 256 Parameter supports connection to rendering node
siKeyable 2048 Parameter is visible in 'Keying Panel' and keyable
siNonKeyableVisible 4096 Parameter is only visible in 'Keying Panel'

Applies To

SIAddCustomParam SIAddCustomParameter Parameter.SetCapabilityFlag ProjectItem.SetCapabilityFlag XSICollection.FindObjectsByMarkingAndCapabilities CustomProperty::AddParameter Factory::CreateParamDef Parameter::GetCapabilities Parameter::PutCapabilityFlag ProjectItem::GetCapabilities ProjectItem::PutCapabilityFlag

See Also

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