Parameter.Capabilities operator


Returns a Long number (see siCapabilities) which is a bitfield of all the object's capabilities.

For convenience, the three most commonly used Capabilities are exposed directly as properties (Parameter.ReadOnly, Parameter.Animatable and Parameter.Keyable).


VBScript Example

'       This example demonstrates how to query parameter capabilities
NewScene , false
set oRoot = Application.ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root
set oGrid = oRoot.AddGeometry("Grid","MeshSurface")
set oProp = oGrid.AddProperty("Custom_parameter_list",,"b")
set oParam = oProp.AddParameter ("Int2CustomParam", siInt2, siClassifVisualization , _
        siAnimatable, "ShortName", "LongName", , -1, -5, 5)
oCaps = oParam.Capabilities
Application.LogMessage "Object has capabilities : " & oCaps
if (oCaps and siAnimatable) then
        Application.LogMessage "Object is Animatable."
        Application.LogMessage "Object is NOT Animatable."
end if
if (oCaps and siPersistable) then
        Application.LogMessage "Object is Persistable."
        Application.LogMessage "Object is NOT Persistable."
end if
if (oCaps and siNotInspectable) then
        Application.LogMessage "Object is NotInspectable."
        Application.LogMessage "Object is NOT NotInspectable."
end if
if (oCaps and siNotPresetPersistable) then
        Application.LogMessage "Object is NotPresetPersistable."
        Application.LogMessage "Object is NOT NotPresetPersistable."
end if
if (oCaps and siKeyable) then
        Application.LogMessage "Object is keyable."
        Application.LogMessage "Object is NOT keyable."
end if
if (oCaps and siNonKeyableVisible) then
        Application.LogMessage "Object is non-keyable visible."
        Application.LogMessage "Object is NOT non-keyable visible."
end if
' Expected results:
'INFO : Object has capabilities : 2053
'INFO : Object is Animatable.
'INFO : Object is Persistable.
'INFO : Object is NOT NotInspectable.
'INFO : Object is NOT NotPresetPersistable.
'INFO : Object is keyable.
'INFO : Object is NOT non-keyable visible.

See Also

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