Parameter.ScriptName operator


Returns the parameter's script name as a String. You use the script name of a parameter in scripting (for example, with the SetValue command) and to specify which parameter you want to access from the ParameterCollection.

The actual name (SIObject.Name) of the parameter is the name that appears in the scene explorer (unless Show Script Names is enabled) but the script name is logged to the history pane of the Script Editor.

Note: For custom properties, when you create a new custom parameter with the CustomProperty.AddParameter method, you can define the script name with the ScriptName parameter and the actual name with the Name parameter.


1. VBScript Example

'       This example shows how the Name, ScriptName, and Description can be different 
'       for a custom parameter
NewScene , false
dim oRoot, oPropSet, oProp
set oRoot = Application.ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root
set oPropSet = oRoot.AddProperty( "Custom_parameter_list", , "DemoPropertyNaming" )
set oProp = oPropSet.AddParameter( "MyScriptName", siString , , , _
"ParameterShortName", "Longer Parameter Description" )
' Will print "ParameterShortName"
Application.LogMessage oProp.Name
' Will print "MyScriptName"
Application.LogMessage oProp.ScriptName
' Will print "Longer Parameter Description"
Application.LogMessage oProp.Description

2. VBScript Example

' This example demonstrates the relationship between the 
' actual name and the script name of a built-in parameter 
NewScene , false
set oDisc = Application.ActiveSceneRoot.AddGeometry( "Disc", "MeshSurface" )
getInfo oDisc
' Get the Render Visibility parameter (using the Name property) 
' and print its name info
set oParam = oDisc.Properties( "Visibility" ).Parameters( "rendvis" )
getInfo oParam
' Convenience function
function getInfo( in_object )
        Application.LogMessage in_object.Name
        Application.LogMessage in_object.FullName
        ' This ensures that you only try to use the ScriptName
        ' property on a Parameter object
        if Application.ClassName( in_object ) = "Parameter" then
                Application.LogMessage in_object.ScriptName
        end if
end function
' Expected results:
'INFO : "disc"
'INFO : "disc"
'INFO : "Render Visibility"
'INFO : "disc.visibility.rendvis"
'INFO : "rendvis"

See Also

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