Operator.GetPort2 operator




Returns the specified Port object for the operator. PortGroup and PortGroupInstance (index) arguments are ignored for scripted operators created using the scripted operator editor (also known as runtime scripted operators). For all other types of operators if PortGroup and PortGroupInstance are not specified, the first port found with the given Name is returned.

Note: This is the Python-compliant version of the Operator.Port property. Since Python does not support input parameters on properties, Operator.Port will fail in Python.

Scripting Syntax

Operator.GetPort2( Name, [PortGroup], [PortGroupInstance] );


Parameter Type Description
Name String Name of a port
PortGroup String Name of a port group.

Default Value: "" (empty string)

PortGroupInstance Long The port group instance index. This argument does not apply to runtime operators. If you don't provide a port group this argument is ignored.

Default Value: 0

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